How a 19-year old signed 3 international clients for his agency business

Diptopal Bhattacharya

Diptopal is a 19-year undergraduate from Kolkata. He was actively looking to enhance his digital marketing skills and start his own company. He resented the idea of working 9-5pm. Today? He is working with 3 clients while still completing his studies. Below is the transcript of our interview that you can read.

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Rohan Dhawan: 00:03 Hey everyone, how's it going? Rohan Dhawan here, founder of UAbility and today we have our special special guests Dipto here. How are you doing man?

Dipto: 00:12 I'm fine. I'm doing great.

Rohan Dhawan: 00:15 Fantastic. So Dipto is one of our current students and Dipto has brought to us with some amazing results which we will talk about in this video because this video is going to be unlike any other video you have ever seen because in this video I will be asking Dipto literally everything. Okay. He's going to reveal everything that he did after joining our program. All the action steps that he took to sign basically three clients I think and get them results at the same time. Okay. So this is going to be a very, very detailed video and anybody who's watching it would benefit a lot so make sure to watch until the end. So that being said, you know, let's just begin this interview. Dipto. I'm going to ask you a couple of questions. Okay. Just tell everyone honestly what you think. And my first question is, you know, Dipto before you came across UAbility, what was your situation like and what were you doing?

Dipto: 01:20 Well, I had finished second year, third semester exam, and I learned digital marketing and I wanted to start a digital marketing agency, but I had no idea how to start one. So I went through different courses, which basically taught the theory, how to do Facebook marketing, Google ad, stuff like that. And so I had no idea how to take my skills to the market and charge money for it. I was desperately looking to any opportunity I could came across. I even, you know, invested myself in and upwork, Fiverr, etc. And uh, you know, I have, could not get any results from that. And, uh, one day before my, I remember it was my internal, like before my internal exam I had came across your UAbility's ad. And, uh, I read the copy and then I visited the site.

Dipto: 02:26 The site had everything I needed to know how to start a digital marketing agency, you know, uh, what our digital marketing agency actually does, how I can start and I came across some free training and went through training which I thought was extremely valuable and later I thought if this free training has this much valuable, how much can I gain from joining the Elite program? Then I told my parents about this. You know, Indian parents, uh, what, um, why do, why are you choosing entrepreneur side? You can just go and get a job and do it. And later on that day I came across a post that digital marketing jobs in India that actually, like I was very fond of the types. I had no intention of doing a job. So then, I was completely determined that I would start an agency and I will do whatever it takes.

Dipto: 03:39 So I contacted and I took literally three days to convince my parents, but I convinced them anyhow and I enrolled for the course and I started the course and uh, you know, the course was very detailed. And I know then sometimes, then I told some people and I'm in my friends that have enrolled in this course and they're like, uh, you paid that much of money for a five week course. And then I used to tell them from a book them Rich Dad Poor Dad, that rich people look at the value but poor people look at the price tag. I used to give them that, these kinds of dialogues and now I really mean it. You have every weapon at your disposal, everything you need to succeed in your agency business in this course.

Dipto: 04:51 You can literally start, you can learn sales, you can, you know, get started even if you don't have the required skills. You can literally learn the necessary skills over there like organic marketing. You can learn anything, you know, how to get customers for free without spending money on ads. I see. Um, I have a friend, his brother owns a digital marketing agency. It took literally five or six years really for him to get, you know, high paying clients. And that's not consistent though and he still struggles with his business. Thankfully I don't have to rely on referrals as in UAbility you can learn that. How you can easily get more people to, you know, to buy your services. And the one thing I liked about the course the most that it should to be honest, I love the week 2 - sales.

Dipto: 06:07 Sales something very fascinating, you know, persuading people for good is interesting unlike the common misconception people have of sales people being pushy. It is one of the most powerful tools of influencing people that you know, uh, then need that service, that service is actually for them. They can get benefit from the service. You need to make them understand. And that's what I really like. And, uh, when I finished the course and I struggled for a while because I was, you know, kind of a lazy person and, uh, and uh, did many things wrong, but you taught me how to do that perfectly. And, uh, we're the UAbility Elite program version 2.0 it was really, you know, actually baby feeding, really spoon feeding a baby. And that's the best thing. And, uh, when I started implementing those strategies, I got to, you know, those six week strategy sessions are very recent and I closed three of them. And, uh, what for? Uh, two of them I work for free initially. And after completion, I'm pretty confident that I will get many. I'll get many more clients. It's not a problem. It's, you know, it was up to just put in the work or to put in the work and do what what is taught in the program step by step and it will get results.

Rohan Dhawan: 07:40 That's fantastic. Really, really awesome. Do hear everything that you said. Let me just follow up with a couple of things that you stated, the first thing that you stated is that you knew a little bit about digital marketing when you join this course, right? Yeah. So my question to you is if anybody who's watching this video and let's say that they don't have that much knowledge about this digital marketing or any knowledge at all, so do you think that this can benefit them as well or is this just only for experts or something?

Dipto: 08:12 Yeah, I think that would be beneficial to them as well. Because in week number one, you just, uh, there is, everything is, you know, even detail what digital marketing is, what digital agency does, how and why digital agency is booming right now. And even with number four, one can easily learn digital marketing, the required skills to, you know, start their own online business.

Rohan Dhawan: 08:39 Okay. And fantastic brother, cool. So now my question to you is when you know, you were trying to look across you UAbility or in fact you, you told me that you wanted to start this consultancy or agency business. So my question is what kind of problems did you have? What were the main problems that you had, which you were trying to solve at that point of time?

Dipto: 09:04 Um, actually I dislike education for, to be very honest, I, I'm don't like, you know, sitting in the classroom and, uh, when I, I have no interest in what I am studying right now in college. And so I need to find an alternative. And that's what it is. Entrepreneurial trait was in induced by me, by a friend. I would rather work for myself for long period of time rather no, rather than working for someone else. And, uh, before joining the program, as I said that I had no direction how to start and actually, uh, and uh, you know, uh, in this idea happens that allowed some money, I'll bear my own expense, buy my self, some stuff and this kind of things. This desire here, establishing myself in an early age, young age. Uh, that's what, you know, uh, made me look through everything.

Rohan Dhawan: 10:35 Understood. I will love you brother.

Dipto: 10:39 I'm 19.

Rohan Dhawan: 10:40 Okay, fantastic. That's amazing to see that, you know, the youngsters in India is actually taking action towards his brother? Uh, you know, this reminds me to something you said earlier, very one of your friends was actually questioning you for joining you know some sort of online course and then you quoted him something about Rich Dad, poor dad about value, right? Yeah. Yeah. What would you have to see those people? Who thinks man, who wants to do an online course are you know, just another digital marketing course or you know, the mindset that's holding them back, towards success. What would you have to see people as people, what are your thoughts or what are your words to them?

Dipto: 11:22 First of all, I would say the same thing to then back. Don't look at the price tags. Look at the value you will be provided for the course. And if you're serious about starting a business, serious about your success, I think you must enroll in this course because one, you are enrolled and after going through some weeks you will realize by yourself that it was a great decision to make.

Rohan Dhawan: 11:52 And do you know about those people who say that [we want] practically, you know, in class training, what's this online thing? Do you think it made a difference or you know, what are your comments on that?

Dipto 12:06 Uh, actually when the given the given tasks are to be fulfilled by the candidate themselves. If they, uh, you can instruct them to do it, that this will bring you results and this will don't do that. It will, you know, take much effort, do this. Instead go to the client and talk about their problem, ask them question and look into their problem, etc. Etc. And many other practical things you have to implement by yourself. You know, you could be sitting next to them and instruct them to do that and, but ultimately moving, pushing yourself or myself out of the comfort zone, their selves out of the comfort zone is their choice. They have to do it regardless whether be it physical training or online training. They have to do it their selves. There's not much difference in, you know, sitting next to an instructor or you know, learning through online. Because once those, those words, those words which have to be performed must be performed in order to succeed

Rohan Dhawan: 13:18 Amazing great answer brother. So it all comes down to somebody doing the book and take it into implementation mode rather than just relying on somebody who's on top of your head. Right. Yeah. And now my question to you as you know, Dipto you told me that your thoughts for digital marketing and all this stuff was going on for a long time, right? You were doing all this. However, my question is what made you pick UAbility, over all the competition. Like you know, there's, there are people out there who are probably in some, you know, maybe in the seminar industry or something like that. So why did you pick us over other people or other competition?

Dipto: 14:01 Remember when I first came across [UAbility] and I first watched the training, which you had told about what is the digital marketing, what is a digital agency and how does a digital agency work? And later you told me about your story. And uh, I haven't gone through the testimonials as well. And within the people who have already enrolled in the course have done it and had success with it. And uh, actually, uh, it took, you know, to register for the free training. It took literally five to 10 minutes to register for the training. I just went through the testimonials and uh, registered for the free training and after few days after the free training, after the few days, uh, with your, uh, with having a call with you, I booked for the, I enrolled for the course and uh, I think, uh, mostly that my self realization that uh, this program delivers the results. If you work, you have to work just, and I was agree with that, that uh, yes, I'll work. So I'll make this program work. And uh, so let's just enroll it that.

Rohan Dhawan: 15:26 Fantastic. And do you think you UAbility different as compared to other digital marketing courses or you know, any course that's related in this field?

Dipto: 15:37 Uh, yes, of course. Now, you know, there are plenty of digital marketing courses on the Internet, even some, some are free. Those things are about teaching, how to do digital marketing, like how to do if you, how to do Facebook marketing theory, but UAbility is more like both will teach you skills and how to start a business with it. And that's the most important part. Anyone know, anyone would desire, can learn that, but if they don't have anyone to guide how to start a business, what to do, what not to do, it's very hard for people to start a business because you know, uh, this program, this kind of program, you know, uh, saved a lot of time, lot of time and energy.

Rohan Dhawan: 16:29 Understood. So time and energy, the basic things that everyone needs. Yeah. Okay. Understood. And you know the toe, like since you're 19 right now also you are in college, right? Yeah. You told me that you took like three days to make up your mind or the program, everything. You have to convince your parents as well. So tell me about that struggle, right? What was going through your mind and how did you manage to actually do this and like, you know, convince your parents or take this leap of faith to join?

Dipto: 17:05 Uh, after a period of I told, I contacted my parents that, uh, you know, I want to start business. I don't want to, you know, live that nine to five life. I've been seeing my cousin complaining that all the time whenever you it. So, I requested them and told them that, you know, and they were also surprised by the price and I told them that, uh, you know, different, basically a whole course will be teaching you how to start a business and I'll make that money. I would, you know, I can get that money and I get much more if you give me the money right now. And after, you know, sometime they agreed, finally agreed. And, uh, I joined

Rohan Dhawan: 17:57 Were they doubting or surprised? And how did you tackle that situation?

Dipto: 18:07 They were doubting an online course. There's like people pre Internet era people, they'll be doubting and quite ironical that paper. And we spend lakhs on engineering on something goes degree courses, which, you know, to kind of call, I'm not thinking college is bad. It's okay if you go to college and want to get a job, it's fine. But if you want to start a business, there is no point of going to college. Even. Uh, nowadays Internet, uh, Internet is now booming and you can just literally learn anything online. And, uh, people out, parents don't actually belong to that Internet era. Who Could do it. They Don't actually have no idea the part actually the power of Internet. And there initially doubting that this amount of money mention. I told them that this is not a scam. I have gone to all of the testimonials and even I showed them come with the testimonials and they calmed down after that. And, uh, the later day I, when I asked them the just agreed in one sentence.

Rohan Dhawan: 19:33 Okay.

Dipto: 19:34 Yeah.

Rohan Dhawan: 19:36 Yeah. That's amazing. Brother and brother. Any particular features of our program that sold you towards, what was the part that you know, made you excited the most? That, oh my God, I get to learn this skill.

Dipto: 19:52 uh, clearly sales in the week number two, which is the best part. I love sales and I love persuading people. It's a very powerful script, you know, that can sell them, you know, come to a bald person a comb. That's powerful. So we have a very powerful script and uh, you know, if you can learn, we can master sales. That's a very powerful skill and you can do anything with it. Okay. So that's what, uh, that actually encouraged me more to join this program because I wanted to learn how to sell like Jordan Belford from Wolf of Wallstreet.

Rohan Dhawan: 21:18 Okay. And since joining, what was the happiest moment?

Dipto: 21:31 Uh, when I first joined the course, I was very happy that, uh, after finishing the course I would be able to, uh, start my own business And, uh, when I finished the course and started applying those strategies and, uh, I had some difficulties and that, that about to happen, that would happen, definitely happened. And, uh, the most important thing is learning from them. And the happiest moment is when you actually see that your strategies are working and you are getting really engagement with people. People are really engaging with your posts, really people are really approaching you literally sending you friend requests and asking for advice in the Messenger. That's happiness . I know I'm literally now wake up in the morning with full motivation and uh, look forward to the how can I, what can I put through the, how can I engage with more people? How can I, you know, work with multiple people, etc.

Rohan Dhawan: 22:33 Amazing. You know, from the very start since day one you joined UAbility, we will talk about the exact steps that you took to sign clients. Okay. So you told me that the biggest results that you've achieved so far is that you signed three clients, right? So now you know, for the viewers who are seeing this, let's help them out and let's get, give them like the sneak peek and tell them what action steps did you take to sign these three clients, how did you make it happen and what's the process behind that?

Dipto: 23:07 So what worked for me, I joined different Facebook group. Uh, we have to constantly test which group are spammy and which group actually collaborate with people. That to find those with that group good group which collaborate with we know engagement is great. People actually share value, ask questions give value over there. So I joined a lot of group, a lot of them and I shared basically you know, cause like how you can market our to marketing mistakes. You holding you back from reaching more customers, getting more fair, reaching more customers and uh, four things you can do to grow your audience. And a similar post like, you know, uh, example, I shared it, a Youtube Video Link Jay Abraham an serial entrepreneur giving business tips.

Dipto: 24:16 This kind of posts, you know, which actually bring value to the people which in or people will find helpful people. You have to observe which kind of posts are being, uh, going through the pages and groups etc, and uh, if you can provide real value, people will start noticing you and some people are messaging right now come on there that I thought that you are giving marketing intakes on the group. I am also from that same group but he's an online personal trainer. Let's see if I can close him or I'll try to, I'll do my best. And uh, this kinds of posts which brings actually value people come to know about new things, the thing they had been doing wrong in the business, which are, which are causing them, causing them to lose customers, which then try to solve any of these issues. Then it will automatically gain attention over there. And people will definitely reach you out.

Rohan Dhawan: 25:20 Okay. Understood. And you said that you use FB groups. Did you try any other method or you were just sticking to Facebook?

Dipto: 25:30 I'm just now sticking with Facebook and I'm not, but I'm thinking about going to nearby restaurant and now it's five minutes distance from my home and asking about his problems and uh, you know, trying to close him out. Uh, the two main things I used were personal network and Facebook groups. Facebook groups are the most important and the most helpful towards me for me.

Rohan Dhawan: 26:01 Okay, fantastic. So basically to summarize, you went to different Facebook groups and you had to figure through which ones are the genuine ones. How much time does it take for you to actually find those genuine group rather than, you know, the spammy ones out there?

Dipto: 26:19 Uh, it takes a little bit time. You have to go through groups and you have to see engagement. You have to check some comments, you know, uh, people in those groups. Some people leave comments spammy comments. However, after consistent efforts, you can find genuine groups. And it takes some time to, uh, get, uh, those genuine groups and once you get some genuine groups, FB suggests you with more. That's what the main advantage is.

Rohan Dhawan: 27:23 Oh, okay. That's, that's a very, very amazing insight. So now you have a whole list of genuine groups out there.

Dipto: 27:31 Yeah, I have.

Rohan Dhawan: 27:33 Fantastic. Awesome. That's a great strategy that took, uh, thanks so much for sharing that and you know, now finally, I just want to ask you, now that you've learned about this, do you think you would recommend UAbility to any other human being who's watching this video?

Dipto: 27:52 Definitely. I'd definitely recommend this program to anyone watching this video, and they have to be committed. Anyone committed can go through this program and I can guarantee that those who enrol will definitely get a lot of value and gain a lot of knowledge and that knowledge will definitely pay them off in the long run. Whether they want to be in, you know, whether they want a digital marketing agency or just want to be a digital consultant, they can be both can beneficial.

Rohan Dhawan: 28:28 Fantastic. And what would you say to those people who are like, man, I can get this knowledge from youtube also. Like why, join a course or why join somebody or you know, hire an expert. What would you say to them?

Dipto: 28:44 Uh, no one can learn to be a doctor by watching youtube. You need a mentor/right path to be a doctor, to be good at something, we have to invest in yourself, invest in yourself and you'll get the best interest ever.

Rohan Dhawan: 29:05 Thank you so much for the amazing insights you've shared with everyone. And thank you so much for jumping on this interview. I really, really hope that, you know, you keep on boosting this further on. Now that you've gone through that initial phase of, you know, learning the tricks, now you have actually, you know, hone them. Now you just have to master them and keep repeating them again and again, again and again till the time you have a lot of clients in your shoulders. Brother, hopefully, you know, you never have to go back to the nine to five job. So congratulations for your success. And thanks a lot for jumping on this interview.