Snehal Jibkate

(Data Analytics Consultant)
Signed a project of 2.70 INR and received 25% advance
Snehal Jibkate IT, Project, Data Analytics Consultant.jpeg

Sachin Hebbar

(Health Coach)
20 powerful documented transformation on youtube channel
Sachin Hebbar - Gut Health Coach.png
Jolene Fernandes Evidence based Nutritionist 1.53L Win in 25 days.jpg

Jolene Fernandes

(Evidence Based Nutrionist)
Total Collection for April 2.35L
Achieved the result in 30 days of joining the program
Closed 5 clients. 3 New Clients and 2 former client renewed
Close more clients like Jolene
Jolene Fernandes Evidence based Nutritionist 1.53L Win in 25 days 2.jpg

Shiv Mehra

(Marketing Consultant)
Closed one of the leading jewelry brands in Dubai (Liali Jewellery) for performance marketing for $ 2000 per month
Shiv Mehra Marketing Consultant (Jewellery Niche)_edited.jpg

Sarath Nair

(Relationship Coach)
Able to add 10 new clients since January 2022
Sarath Nair Relationship Coach 3_edited.jpg

Advitiya Sharma

(Fitness Coach)
Made a sale of 25k after running ads
Advitiya Sharma Fitness coach.png

Yukul Gargish

(Real Estate Marketing)
Signed 2 clients for 25k each
Yukul Gargish -.png

Ankita Agarwal

Anuj Patil

(Digital Marketer)
Closed 1st client
(Agency Of Virtual Assistants)
Closed 10th client for $1200, reaching out to mark 7L.
Ankita Agarwal (Agency of Virtual Assistants).png

Harshdeep Singh

(Emotional Wellness Coach)
Closed a client for 40k in 2 days of joining the program
Harshdeep Relationship & Emotional Wellness Coach.jpeg
Anuj Patil - Digital marketer.png

Pracchi Shinde

(Image Consulatnt)
Closed 1st hight ticket client for 55,000 INR
Pracchi Shinde Image Consultant_edited.jpg
Akshay (Popat) Sarode Business Consultant (2).jpg
Gaurav Patel Branding & Marketing Consultant.jpg

Popat Sarode

(Business Coach)
Raised 1 Million USD to set up global schools

Gaurav Patel

(Business Coach)
Closed 2 deals
Akshay (Popat) Sarode Business Consultant.jpg
Gaurav Patel Branding & Marketing Consultant (2).jpg
Rajorshee Banerjee - Life Coach 2nd win.png

Rajorshee Banerjee

(Life Coach)
Getting 1 client in every 2 months for $2k
Multiple wins
Rajorshee Banerjee - Life Coach.png
Proma Marketing Consultant.jpg

Proma Nautiyala

(Marketing Consultant)
Working with 2 high ticket clients at 1 L each
Consultation at 20,000 INR for 45 mins

Sachin Hebbar

(Health Coach)
Multiple wins of Sachin and his whole journey
Ninad Sharma Education Consultant.jpg
Ninad Sharma Education Consultant2nd.png
Check out how Ninad closed multiple clients.

Ninad Sharma

(Education Consultant)
Close multiple clients like Ninad & Anju
Ninad Sharma Education Consultant.png
Anju Saini (Career Transformation Coach).png
Anju Saini Career Coach 2nd.jpg
Anju Saini Career Coach 2nd (2).jpg

Anju Mehra Saini

Check out how Anju closed multiple clients.
Check out her high ticket wins
(Career Transformation Coach)

Popat Sarode

(Business Coach)
1st Win of 1,80000 INR using UAbility sales method 
Popat Sarode (Business Coach).png

Rajat Prasad

(Treasury & Finance Consulant) 
Converted 1 client for treasury outsourcing on 30% profit sharing

Hemant Mahajan

(Emotional Wellness Coach)
Generated revenue of 1.2L running ads
Hemant Mahajan Emotional Wellness Coach.png

Puneet Kochhar

(Brand & Image Consultant)
Completed 10 high ticket coaching sessions

Aditi Nirvaan

(NLP Coach)
Closed former 'Miss World' for 1,11,000 INR
Aditi Nirvaan NLP & Personal Transformation Coach.jpg
Ninad Education Consultant (2).jpg

Kausar Sultana

(Energy Healing)
Closed her first client after 2 weeks of joining Elite
Kausar Sultana.png
Ninad Education Consultant (3).jpg
Ninad Education Consultant.jpg
Ninad Sharma Education Consultant 2nd.png
Sachin Hebbar Fitness.jpg
Sachin Hebbar Health Coach Ads Win.jpg
Sachin Hebbar Health Coach Ads Win (2).jpg

Snehal Jibkate

(Data Analytics Consultant)

Shilpa Vishwen

(Finance & Investment Consultant)
Signed a client at 35L INR for 7 months
Snehal Jibkate IT Consultant & Service-provider.jpg
Closed a client paying 40k per month
Shilpa Vishwen Finance & Investment Consultant.jpg

Anju Mehra Saini

(Career Transformation Coach)
Closed 4 high ticket clients after joining Elite

Ravi Gulgulia

(Business Automation)
Closed a client while in week 3 of the program
Ravi Gulgulia.png
Anju Saini Career Transformation Coach.jpg
Rajat Prasad (Treasury & Finance Consulant).png
Puneet Kochhar Brand & Image Consultant.jpg

Rashmi Bayakodi

Rashmi Byakodi Copywriter.png

Surender Singh Goyal

(Health & Fitness)
Closed a client for 12,000 INR after approaching through organic marketing
Surender singh goyal.jpg
Surender singh goyal (2).jpg
Ronit Ranjan Life Coach 1.8L Win.jpg
Haarrdika Rajdev NLP.png

Haarrdika Rajdev

Ronit Ranjan

Closed 3 clients for 20,000 INR each
Closed 3 clients for 60,000 INR each
(Life Coach)
(NLP Coach)

Vishal Dhawas

134,000 INR In 23 Days

Shiv Mehra

Aditya Bhatia

(Marketing Consultant)
(Marketing Consultant)
First Client for 50,000 INR 
Real State Agencies For 1L/month
Vishal Dhawas.png

Want To Close More Clients ?

Anju Mehra Saini

Close High Tickets Client Like Anju
(Career Transformation Coach)
High Ticket Win
Shiv Mehra Marketing Consultant.jpg
Aditya Bhatia Marketing Consultant.jpg
Anju Saini Career Transformation Coach.jpg
Closed a client for 150,000 INR for 12 weeks for career transformation program

Pankaj Agarwal

(Digital Marketing)
Closed 3 Clients For 50k INR Each

Manoj Roul

(Marketing Consultant)
First Client For $499
Pankaj Agarwal.png
Manoj Roul Marketing Consultant.jpg

Prashant Arora

(Fitness Consultant)
Closed 5 High Ticket Clients For 1:1 Sessions 
Prashant Arora GetFit Fitness consultant.jpg
Signed 2 Clients for 40 days 1:1 'Ignite Potentials' Coaching Program for 111,000 INR 

Aditi Nirvaan

(NLP Coach)
Close High Ticket Clients Like Aditi
Aditi Nirvaan NLP coach 2.62L WIN.jpg
Aditi Nirvaan NLP coach 2.62L WIN (2).jpg
Aditi Nirvaan NLP coach 2.62L WIN (3).jpg
Get Your First Client Now

Priyanka Dani

(Education & Coaching)
Closed her 1st Client

Sachin Hebbar

Concecutive Wins
(Health Coach)
Priyanka Dani.png
Sachin Hebbar Fitness Consultant Consecutive Win.jpg
Sachin Hebbar Fitness Consultant 6th Win.jpg
Sachin Hebbar Fitness Consultant.jpg
Prashant Arora GetFit Fitness consultant (2).jpg
Ronit Ranjan Life Coach (2).jpg

Ronit Ranjan

(Life Coach)
High Ticket Client
Closed first high ticket client using SLOSHED framework and MVP model
Ronit Ranjan Life Coach (3).jpg
Ronit Ranjan Life Coach (4).jpg
Ronit Ranjan Life Coach.jpg
Ninad Sharma Education Consultant.jpg

Ninad Sharma

4 Paying Students & 8 On Trials
Nandinnie Astro-consultant_edited.jpg


Nandinnie Astro-consultant2_edited.jpg

Brunda Bru

(Branding Agency)
Closed a client at 18000 INR
Brunda Bru.png

Vansh Chauhan

(Crypto Coaching)
Closed 4 Clients totaling 65,000 INR after dropping a year in college
Vansh Chauhan.png

Vishal Dhawas

Closed a client at 84,078.10 INR
Vishal Dhawas.png

Surender Singh Goyal

(Health & Fitness)
Closed a client at 15000 INR
Surender Singh.png

Kanchan Lokare

(Nutritionist Health Coach)
Closed her second client for 20,000 INR
Kanchan Lokare Nutritionist Health Coach.jpg

Manmeet Kaur

(Digital Marketing)
Closed her second client for 15,000 INR
Manmeet Kaur.png
Nandan Garg.png

Nandan Garg

Deal of 60,000 INR for 3 months. 
Received 20,000 INR Advance.
First Sales Call
Watch Most Honest Webiner
(Astrologers Niche)

Nisarg Yadav

(Marketing Consultant)
Crossed 10L revenue 
Nisarg Yadav Marketing Consultant.jpg

Prakash Jhadav

(Stock Market Consultant)
Closed 7 clients at 1.8L each in 2 weeks
prakash jadhav.png
Nandinnie Astro-Consultant second win.jpg
Sales Touching 1L per Month
#Multiple Wins
(Education Consultant)