Differentiate Yourself From The Competition – Guide To Niche Selection For Consultants & Coaches

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Most people believe that there is some kinda magical niche list/PDF file that will help them start a successful coaching, consulting, or service-based business. Do you really think somebody like Elon Musk was sitting on Youtube watching some video and going through top 100 niche selection list to build his business? I doubt any billionaire went through that process.

In this video, I bust the myths around niche selection, tell you the actual definition of a niche, and then show you the CORRECT way that I personally followed to find something you're passionate about doing while also differentiating yourself from the crowd.

Here is what we cover in this video -

1. The myths around niche selection

2. Defining the real definition of niche selection and why you should use the same to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

3. Our 3-step process you can use right now to select the right niche for your business.

4. My personal story - the trial/error process I went through to find my blue ocean (niche).