Is a digital marketing job in India worth it?

Digital Marketing Job - Current Situation

I was recently looking at the average salary of a and the number accounted to be around Rs 366,286 per year for an entry-level employee. This accounts to be around Rs 30-35k per month.

If you live in a metropolitan city like New Delhi, Bangalore, or Mumbai, it is almost impossible to survive on that sort of salary. After all, that's equivalent to just the rent of a 900 sqft furnished place.

Considering the scenario above, you must be wondering - what other options does somebody with a digital marketing background have besides getting a job?

A new possibility...

If you have valuable skills like doing SEO, running PPC ads, collecting leads, developing websites/apps, designing graphics or anything valuable that can help a business, then there is an alternative path that you can take.

We live in a world where businesses are in constant need of customers. Where are these customers present? Well, they are all scattering around the internet. If you could figure out a way where you find these businesses and connect them to their desired customers, then you might not have to do a digital marketing job.

Rather than working full-time for one of these companies, you have the option to sign 3-4 of them and make more than the digital marketing job you were about to sign up for. This would allow you to work flexibly according to your own rules and demands.

How to get started with a digital agency business in India?

Starting your own digital agency business in India isn't that complicated. In fact, you just need a laptop/computer, internet and a phone to begin. Once you have these tools, follow the steps given below to get started -

Step #1 - Pick a niche -The first step is to decide which sector are you going to work with? Is it retail? manufacturing? eCommerce? Real estate? It's important to narrow down your target audience otherwise you'll end up competing with everyone.

Step #2 - Decide your price -The next step is to calculate your price. How much are you going to charge these clients? The best way to determine the answer to this question is by calculating how much value you can deliver to your client. Let's say that after using your services, your client generates Rs 1 lakh - Rs 1.50 lakhs per month in sales. At this rate, it is absolutely fine to charge them Rs 30,000 for your services.

Step #3 - Keep it consistent - Most agency owners fail to deliver services consistently and keep their clients happy. Unfortunately, this is a big mistake that costs them in the long run. How? For starters, their client leaves them and secondly they develop a bad reputation in the market. The biggest thing you need to learn today is that no matter what happens, always keep your clients happy.

Your roadmap to success...

Now let's say you are interested in generating Rs 10 lakhs per annum (a lot more than the salary you might get doing a digital marketing job). In fact, earning this kind of income would put you in the category of rich-class individuals in India. This equates to Rs 84,000 per month in income.

Let's say you charge Rs 30,000 per client every month (retainer basis). To crack your goal of Rs 84,000 per month, you will have to get only 3 clients that'll fetch you around Rs 90k per month. How amazing is that? To scale this beyond the figure, you just need to keep signing more and more clients. Simple as that!

Now I have given you with a complete framework to get started and crack your income goals. I am pretty sure you might still be confused regarding what's happening. In fact, you must be excited yet overwhelmed with the information that was just shared with you. If that's your current situation, then don't worry as I have a free training that will show you my 3-secrets to build a hyper-profitable agency business in India.

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