Getting Clients As A Freelancer or Consultant in 2020 (The Truth)

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Getting Clients As A Freelancer or Consultant in 2020 (The Truth)

Looking to become a freelancer, agency owner, or consultant? Relying on third-party websites like Upwork, Fiverr, JustDial, Yelp for your business?

Here's the truth about starting as a freelancer or consultant that nobody else will share with you.

Here is what we cover in this video -

1. Why relying on freelancing or third-party listing websites for high-ticket client generation is not a good idea.

2. Discussion regarding core issues that most freelancers or consultants face - rise in competition, low margins, lack of a U.S.P, wastage of time (bidding for projects and cold calling).

3. How to "Actually" get clients in 2020.

4. Step-by-step client generation process: becoming a specialist, developing a marketing funnel, generating traffic, and doing consistent sales.

5. Case-study of our client Javed who shifted from relying on freelancing/third-party websites to reaching over Rs 5L/month (really close to cracking $10k consistently).