How Ashif Was Able To Quit His Bad Habits & Achieved Over Rs 1.04L/Month (At Age 24)

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Niche - Digital marketing for Real Estate agents in Dubai.

Here is what we cover in this interview -

1. Who is Ashif and why did he decide to leave his job to start a digital business?

2. What do you require before starting this business?

3. The challenges he was facing when trying to do this on his own (without help).

4. Why did he pick UAbility over rest of the programs in the market? And what part of our program attracted him the most?

5. How he was able to say goodbye to his old habits and transition into a completely new person.

6. How did Aashif select his niche and sign his initial international clients in Dubai?

7. Guide to managing your day and staying productive.

8. Final advice and recommendation for all 20/30 something employees.

Hope you enjoy!