How Pradeep Achieved Rs 5.95 Lakhs in 30-Days As An Accounting Coach

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Niche - Helping students in Delhi and Meerut realise their career in the Accounting field.

Here is what we cover in this interview -

1. Who is Pradeep and why did he decide to become an Accounting coach?

2. What problem(s) was he trying to solve before joining us?

3. Why Pradeep focuses on the overall transformation of his students rather than providing more information? (His U.S.P)

4. How did Pradeep sign his initial clients and achieve Rs 5.95 Lakhs in one month?

5. Hybrid model - His unique process of using offline and online tools to deliver to his students.

6. Do you need to know fluent English to get high-ticket clients in India?

7. His recommendation to people who are starting out and how they can succeed.