How To Get High-Ticket Clients In 2020 – 3 Principles NOBODY Is Following

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Most consultants, freelancers & coaches (especially newbies) make the mistake of being a generalist when positioning themselves in the market-place. You know how it goes - I do SEO, I am a designer, I am a health coach etc.

Result? They end up attracting clients that cause head-aches, don't pay on time, and always demand extra work.

The reason why this happens is because the prospect begins treating your services/advice like a commodity - potatoes, onions etc (something easily comparable). Thanks to platforms like Upwork, JustDial, and Google, one can easily find other alternatives like yourself offering something similar and cheaper.

So how do you position yourself differently? How do you find your unique value proposition? 

The answer is simple - by becoming a specialist and solving big problems.

Let’s take into account an example of a Doctor who consults patients regarding common cold, flu, fever etc. How much do they charge for a simple consultation? Maximum Rs 500. Now, let’s take into consideration a specialist like a brain surgeon. If somebody has a problem with their brain and they seek services of a surgeon then the cost is in multiple Lakhs.

Why is there such a major difference? Because the latter is solving a bigger problem and specialising in ONE core area.

Clients pay service providers like yourself to help them get a tangible transformation. They DO NOT care about features, specs, technicalities or any of that crap. They want results.

If you were operating like a generalist thus far, then I have an awesome video for you that I recently recorded. Find out how to attract high-ticket clients in 2020.

In this video, I will reveal how you can become a specialist and craft a high-ticket offer that's designed to solve a core problem of your client. 

Here is what we will cover in this video -

  1. What's the best business to get started even if you have ZERO experience?
  2. What is a digital expert business?
  3. Common mistakes most consultants, freelancers, agency owners, and coaches are making.
  4. How to select your niche
  5. How to identify the core problem of your market.
  6. How to craft a valuable offer to demand high-ticket prices.

To your success!