How To Use Online Advertising in India To Get Consistent Customers For Your Business

If you're not using online advertising in India to grow your business then you are missing out on a lot of opportunities that could potentially help you get more customers inside your business.

At UAbility, we are spending ₹4,563.52 to generate customers over ₹29,000. That' over a 6x return on investment and it is working magically for our company to generate consistent clients.

Vanity Metrics

When we started UAbility, several people started commenting about the fact that we don't have a lot of likes on our social pages. I remember one guy saying, "you should buy cheap likes from a third-party websites just to look big."

Unfortunately, most young entrepreneurs focus on metrics that don't matter. They spend too much time posting pictures and focusing on the number of likes their fan page gets. The truth is that none of this really matters and we have believed this since day one.

Our company continues to believe that customer success and consistent traffic could help us reach the pinnacles of success. Therefore, we have always focused on delivering amazing value to our clients while optimising traffic using online advertising in India.

Why online advertising?

According to us, a company can spend two different forms of currencies to generate customers. One being time and the other being money. If you are an absolute beginner and lack the capital to get started, then you have the ability to spend time by seeking customers. However, if you want data quickly and believe in seeing results fast, then you can always trade money for online traffic.

The most fascinating part is that at this point, online advertising in India isn't that expensive (even though the CPM is rising significantly). Any company with the right marketing funnel can generate consistent, predictable, and reliable traffic using this form of advertising at a pretty decent ROAS (return on ad-spend).

How to get started?

There are different types of online advertising platforms that you can get started with. However, my favourite one is Facebook™. Why? Because it is extremely simple to use and doesn't require a lot of technical knowledge or budget to get started. You could get your ads up and running for as little as Rs 100 per day.

Below are the steps you can follow to get started with this amazing platform -

Step #1 - Register your account

The first step is to sign up for your business manager account on Facebook™. Business manager is like an external version of the social networking website only meant for using their business-related tools (pages, ad accounts, pixels etc). You can log in using your normal Facebook account to get started.

Step #2 - Create your ad account

  • Click on Business Settings (blue icon on the top right)
  • After that select “Ad accounts” on the right column
  • Lastly, select “+Add” and then click on “Create A New Ad Account”
  • Once the ad account is created, make sure you click on “Add people” and add yourself to the ads account.

Step #3 - Add a payment method

Once your ad account is created, it is time to add your payment method so that you can begin running your ads. To do so, follow the instructions given below -

  • Once your ad account is created, click on the tiny “View Payment Methods” link
  • Add your credit card, debit card, net banking or Paypal account information.

Step #4 - Attach your business page

One important thing that you require to do online advertising in India is a business page. A business page represents your whole identity through which prospects reach out to you and learn more about what products or services you sell. Follow the steps below to attach your page.

  • To add your page (doesn’t matter if you already have one) to business manager, click on “Pages” present under “Accounts” on the left-side.
  • Click on “+Add”
  • If you already have a page, then it is recommended you click on “Add a page” to follow the process of linking your FB page to the business platform
  • If you don’t have a page, click on “Create a new page” to make one from scratch

Step #5 - Launch your ads

Congrats! Now that everything is setup, it is time to launch your ads and reach your ideal customers. Go to your ads manager and click on "create ads." You will be prompted with multiple options to begin online advertising in India. These include - message ads, website link clicks, conversions etc.

Which option should I pick?

Well, it all depends on what objective you're trying to achieve. If you want people to message your page, then select messages. If you want people to go to your website and take a certain action, then select conversions. It all depends on what you're trying to achieve with this wonderful platform.

What objective do you use, Rohan?

The objective that we use is messages. Why? Because we want people to directly reach out to us so that we can guide them with the necessary steps that'll let them join our training. This objective has working out to be the best for us as we are paying around Rs 50 per message on the platform.

That being said, hope this post allowed you to learn about what online advertising in India is and how you can use it to your advantage to get results for your business effectively and efficiently.

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