How Vaishali Went From Rs 25k/Month To Rs 1.10 Lakhs/Month As A Web Developer At Age 22

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How Vaishali Went From Rs 25k/Month To Rs 1.10 Lakhs/Month As A Web, App & Software Developer At Age 22

Here is what we cover in this video -

1. The problems Vaishali was facing as a developer before joining UAbility

2. How did she find UAbility and why did she decide to take our mentorship?

3. How she shifted her marketing approach to value-driven organic marketing rather than relying on referrals/posting in FB groups.

4. The mindset shift she experienced that allowed her to raise her prices.

5. Abundance vs Scarcity - how to make the client beg to work with you rather than you following up with them multiple times per day.

6. The importance of getting proof of concept & identifying problems rather than spending years learning skills that won't be in demand in the future (business owner's mindset vs employee's mindset).

7. What made her the happiest about working with our company?

8. The results she has been able to accomplish in less than one month. Also, would she recommend UAbility to others or not?

- Rohan