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Accounting Coach Achieves Rs 1.22 Lakhs/Month While Working With International Clients

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Want To Attract 30-40 Freelancing, Consulting, & Coaching Clients Consistently Every Month? Apply for your FREE strategy session with our team and learn how you can become our next success story(even if you have zero experience).

Accounting Coach Achieved Rs 1.22 Lakhs/Month While Working With International Clients

Niche - Helping students across the globe with accounting

Here is what we cover in this interview:

1. Who Is Amrutha and where was she before joining UAbility Elite

2. How did she create a side-hustle despite doing a 9-5 job.

3. How she overcame the mindset and confidence related issues that were stopping her from pursuing her dream.

4. Do you require prior experience and knowledge to sign clients online?

5. The process Amrutha followed to identify her niche and craft her offer.

6. What marketing strategy did she use to sign clients internationally and achieve Rs 1.22L/month?

Here number one advice for those getting started - always be positive and believe in yourself. Confidence is key! (Explained in the interview)

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