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How 21-Year Went From Making Rs 5k/Month To Rs 2.30/Month For His Digital Marketing Agency

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

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UAbility Review

How 21-Year Went From Making Rs 5,000/Month To Rs 2.30/Month For His Digital Marketing Agency

Meet Yash Raj Dadhich from Jaipur, Rajasthan. He started his journey as a Personality Developer and ended up entering the digital marketing space. His niche? Helping eCommerce business owners to grow with high conversions.

Here is what we cover in the interview:

1. How Yash entered the world of entrepreneurship and digital marketing (his background).

2. Where was he before joining UAbility and what problems was he facing?

3. What industry/niche does Yash currently work in and what offer is he providing to his clients?

4. How Yash is closing high-ticket deals internationally in a few hours without spending money on ads, sending email proposals, or relying on third-party platforms.

5. Mistakes Yash was making before working with us and he improved the same.

6. How did Yash come across UAbility and why did he decide to join the program?

7. Is being fluent in English necessary to sign international clients?

8. Would Yash recommend UAbility? If yes, why?

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