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How an employee and mother leveraged her hidden talent to become a successful NLP coach

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

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UAbility Review

How A Full-Time Employee & Mother Launched Her Own Successful Healing Business From Home

Niche — Helping people to heal and transform themselves through anger management

Here is what we cover in this interview:

1. Who is Ritu and what does her background look like ?

2. How and why did Ritu start helping people with anger management?

3. What is the program/service she created that she helps people with?

4. What was the process she applied to finalize her niche into the healing domain?

5. What advice would Ritu like to share to people who don't know how to balance family liabilities, side business and a job?

6. How does Ritu manage all her tasks and still be able to balance and manage it out?

7. How has the program helped Ritu develop and grow at her work place?

8. How has her mindset helped her achieve her goals?

9. What advice would he give to the old Ritu who was starting back in time ?

11. What would he like to say to people who are confused about joining UAbility.

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