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How Ayurvedic Gut Health Coach Sachin Went From Rs 50k/Month To Rs 2-3 Lakhs/Month

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

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UAbility Review- How Ayurvedic Gut Health Coach Sachin Hebbar Went From Rs 50k/Month To Rs 2-3 Lakhs/Month.

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Meet Sachin Hebbar — He is the founder of Self Healers Hub. He does holistic health coaching by mastering gut, emotion, and mindset. Before working with us, he had a community of 400 members, and 50 cIients in 1-2-1 coaching.

You see, Sachin is really good at what he does. Problem? He was undercharging significantly for his valuable advice. In addition to this, he was relying on complex funnels and level1/level 2 jenga-menga that stopped working.

In this interview, we cover how he was able to remove complex funnels with multiple upsells, generate an 8x return on ads (before it was 1.5x), and in turn increase the profitability of his business.

Here is what we cover in this interview -

1. Who is Sachin and what's his background? (3:00)

2. Why did he become a Holistic Health Coach? (5:00)

3. What kind of clients does Sachin work with? (7:00)

4. His tips to take care of your gut health (8:10)

5. Why by not eating these foods, you are putting your health at risk. (11:00)

6. Sachin's experience selling low-ticket courses — how his ads started taking a loss (13:50)

7. What happened when Sachin tried upselling his clients from low-ticket level 1 to level 2? (15:00)

8. Sachin's experience with online business gurus (17:40)

9. How Sachin was able to raise his prices by 8x and achieve a 90% success rate for his clients? (20:00)

10. How did he sign his first high-ticket client? (22:55)

11. Why charging more was helping Sachin's clients (24:00)

12. His results after working with us (28:11)

13. Sachin's top tips for business owners and coaches (31:49)

Sachin's website -

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Enjoy :)

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