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How did Shashank go from Rs.10k/month Client to Rs.16 lakhs/year

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

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UAbility Review

How did Shashank go from Rs.10k/month Client to Rs.16 lakhs/year

Niche : Helping businesses grow online using insane growth marketing techniques.

Here is what we cover in this interview:

1. Who is Shashank and How did he get into digital marketing?

2. What were the challenges he faced during his job that made him book the call ?

3. How did he get the confidence to leave her 9-5 job and start on his own?

4. What made him click on the advertisement and made him book a call with us?

5. How did he make a decision to trust the program?

6. What made him decide to make the investment considering the amount and how did he manage it?

7. How was his journey from Rs.10k/month to Rs.16 lakhs/year?

8.What is his feedback on the community? How has the UAbility community helped him?

9. How did he stay consistent with his mindset when he went through rejections to keep going?

10. How has the UAbility community helped him in his journey ?

11. What is his take on overcoming imposter syndrome?

12.What advice/ lessons would he like to share with people watching this?

13 What does Shashank think is the future of copywriting in india?

14. What would she like to say to people to have doubts about joining UAbility?

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