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How I created a Rs 7 Crore company with Rs 15,000 from my college friend's room

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How I created a Rs 7 Crore company in India with Rs 15,000 from my college friend's room (and how you can too by following these 7 steps)

How's it going #UAbilitians? In this video, I am going to talk about the 7 steps that I used to start a $1 million company from absolute scratch even if you don't have a huge following or capital. Watch this video till the end to learn how I signed my first client.

Hi, my name is Rohan Dhawan and I am the founder and CEO of UAbility - also known as India's most honest marketer. We help digital entrepreneurs like yourself get premium clients across the globe. Why? "Because I believe talent shouldn't have borders." So far we have helped hundreds of clients while helping many reach crores in sales. I make these videos to transparently document some of the lessons I learn throughout my journey of growing my own PLUS my clients businesses for free so that you gain value and hopefully decide to work with us someday.

7 steps that I cover in this video (skip to 06:45 where I cover the steps):

Step 1 - List all the problems

Step 2 - List your skills

Step 3 - Create a minimum viable product

Step 4 - Build a simple marketing funnel

Step 5 - Get traffic

Step 6 - Talk to your customers

Step 7 - Deliver Results

Who is this video for? This is perfect for service providers, consultants, coaches, and other experts willing to sell their advice/knowledge online.

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