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How Pulkit Transitioned From Rs 60k/Month Employee to Rs 8.31 Lakhs/Month Business Owner

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

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How Pulkit Transitioned From Rs 60k/Month Employee to Rs 8.31 Lakhs/Month Business Owner

Pulkit was a 9-5 IT consultant at a blockchain company where he was getting paid around Rs 60k/month. According to him, his biggest issue was commuting every single day to work and getting stuck in traffic constantly.

He was always interested in the online space and used to spend his free time looking for opportunities to build a business that he can operate from anywhere (without jams).

In fact, he also took the initiative to start his dropshipping store that he ended up selling as it was taking a lot of his time, efforts and resources to maintain. But now what? He asked himself wondering what could be the solution to escape his existing mundane routine.

Luckily, he came across our post and decided to book a call. We explained to him the importance of selling high-ticket and why it's better to sell premium consulting advice to a finite people rather than selling low-ticket products (t-shirts, mugs etc) to thousands of people.

He was instantly sold to the idea and decided to move forward. We helped him specialise in the field of Facebook marketing for local businesses and within the third-week he signed his first client. Remember, you don't need any prior experience as we help you convert your passion into business (even if you have no prior experience).

Now? He is working with 8 international clients from USA and UK while making $11,000/month as a SMMA owner. The best part? He gets to work on his business at the comfort of his home and spend ample amount of time with his new-born.

Here is what we cover in this video -

1. What was Pulkit doing before joining UAbility (his background)?

2. Why did he decide to become an entrepreneur rather than following the 9-5 path?

3. Why did he pick starting an agency/consulting business rather than doing an e-Commerce business?

4. The importance of investing in yourself to grow fast.

5. How did Pulkit sign his first client by using our organic methods?

6. How did he expand his business internationally and makes 2-3x his ex-salary from one client? (his entire marketing plan)

7. How much time do you need to spend working on your business per week to succeed?

8. Is it possible to grow this business despite COVID-19?

9. What softwares and tools did he use to sign high-ticket clients?

10. How to make your processes faster by outsourcing? Learn how to hire online.

11. Would Pulkit recommend UAbility to everybody? If yes, why?

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