How Romit Achieved Rs. 10/lakhs of revenue with his digital Marketing Services in less than

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How Romit Achieved Rs. 10/lakhs of revenue with his digital Marketing Services in less than 3 months

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Here is what we cover in this interview :

1. Who is Romit and what is his background like?

2. How did Romit get into the digital space? How did he transition from being a chartered accountant to getting into digital coaching business?

3. What were the challenges he faced in digital coaching business and the webinar model before joining UAbility?

4. How did he come across Uability & decided to book a call?

5. How did you make the mindset shift and decided to join us after a call considering you were already all in with the live webinar model?

6. How did you make a decision to entirely shift your business model after a the strategy call with UAbility?

7. What was the journey after joining UAbility? How was the process till romit signed his first client?

8. What was stopping him to charge more from his clients?

9. According to Romit, What is the difference between the high ticket model and the live webinar model?

10. How does he feel about the fact he makes Rs.10 lakhs/month? How is the experience of truly being successful?

11. How much of the generated revenue of Rs.10 lakhs has he re-invested in his advertising and other digital tools for his business?

12. Advice to people to want to be a digital coach?

13. What does Romit want to say to people who are on the fence to join UAbility?

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