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How Shubham went from Rs.10k/month to Rs. 1.2 Lakh/month without any business background

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How Shubham went from Rs.10k/month to Rs. 1.2 Lakh/month without any business background

Here is what we cover in this interview :

1. Who is Shubham and how was his experience with UAbility Elite?

2. When did he decide to get into the digital marketing industry?

3. How did he receive double the return of what he had invested in the program within 2 months?

4. What were the challenges he was facing before joining UAbility ?

5. What made him choose UAbility over other cheaper options available ?

6. How did Shubham make up his mind to invest in the program, what made him decide it’s the right decision to make?

7.How much Shubham used to generate before joining UAbility and after?

8. How was he able to implement the technical parts of the program in spite of being non- tech savvy person from the fitness industry ?

9. How was he able to change his mindset and justify his high ticket pricing after joining UAbility?

10. How has the UAbility program helped him improve his sales process?

11. How did he feel when he received the payment right after closing the prospect on the sales call itself?

12. What was his pace of growth from Rs15k per month to Rs.90k per month?

13. How did you sign your first client for $1500 dollars after joining UAbility?

14. What was the reaction of your family when you shared this with them ?

15. What advice would he give to the old Shubham who was starting back in time

16. What would she like to say to people to have doubts about joining UAbility?

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