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How Stock Market Coach Pranav Vk Made Rs 30 Lakhs Side Income in 18 Months While Doing A 9-5 Job

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

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UAbility Review

How Stock Market Coach Pranav Vk Made Rs 30 Lakhs Side Income in 18 Months While Doing A 9-5 Job

Who? Pranav VK

Company - The Intraday Expert

Niche - Intraday Stock Trading Coaching & Consulting

Reason for joining UAbility - He knew how to package his existing knowledge into a digital solution, but was struggling to charge whatever he wants...whenever he wants. He was tired of promoting 999 courses with complex funnels.

Worst part? Whatever he would end up making would go into Mark Zuckerberg's pocket putting him in break-even situation. This means his FB & Insta ads were not giving him the results he desired.

How did we help - We helped him shift his mindset and raised his standards giving him the confidence to work with HNIs. After that we showed him exactly how to find and convert these higher value cIients. Lastly, we helped him stay accountable by constantly reminding him about his true ambitions.

Result? Not only was he able to charge what he is truly worth...he was also able to lower what he spends to get clients. He got 113 high-ticket clients in 1.5 years while doing it as a side-hustle.

Here is what we cover in this video -

1. How did Pranav get into trading and financial markets? (2:20)

2. Difference between investing and trading (4:20)

3. Should one invest in the market based on the current circumstances? When is the right time to trade? (4:55)

4. How can somebody get started with trading and begin generating income? What steps should they take? (7:20)

5. Technical analysis and fundamental analysis (12:44)

6. How did Pranav decide to become a coach? (15:17)

7. Why did Pranav switch from live webinars and level 1,2 and 3 systems to high-ticket selling? (17:20)

8. Why did Pranav decide to work with UAbility? (20:50)

9. How did he switch from selling low-ticket courses to his first high-ticket sale? (21:50)

10. Why did he upgrade to our X Mastermind after getting initial results? (23:30)

11. How did he feel when he hired his first employee who closed his first sale for him? (26:10)

12. Tips for employees who wish to quit their 9-5 and start a business (27:00)

13. His advice to other coaches and business owners (34:00)

Want to learn how Pranav achieved these results?

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Enjoy :)

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