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How To Get High-Ticket Clients (Even If Nobody Knows Who You Are)

Want To Attract 30-40 Freelancing, Consulting, & Coaching Clients Consistently Every Month? Apply for your FREE strategy session with our team and learn how you can become our next success story(even if you have zero experience).

Find out how to get high-ticket clients for your business (even if you're starting from scratch). Most individuals have certain beliefs that stop them from working with premium clients. They focus on the wrong things and wonder why they're not succeeding. Such myths include:

1. You need to have a lot of followers or likes on the internet to attract consistent business.

2. You need to have thousands of visitors and leads to succeed.

3. Quantity is greater than quality.

The fact is none of the myths above are true and I had to learn the same the hard way by working on multiple ventures that didn't work out as expected (covered in the video). After observing the common patterns between my past business failures, I learned the answer was low-profit margins.

So what was the solution? I remember watching a video on Youtube where I learned that to evolve, one must charge more. And to charge more, one needs to solve big problems. This is the time when I stopped my obsession with likes, followers, traffic, and other similar vanity things. Instead, I started focusing on the needs of the marketplace. I started questioning what is it that other individuals are suffering from that I can solve with my existing expertise/passion?

My search led me to get my first high-ticket international client at the age of 18, which further led to the development of UAbility. Find out more about my whole journey and learn how to transition to high-ticket prices for your services/advice (even if you have absolutely zero experience).

1. 3 Myths Stopping You From Charging High-Ticket

2. Why My Initial Businesses Didn't Work Out As Expected And How You Can Avoid By Learning From My Mistakes.

3. How To Shift Your Offer Into Premium Pricing (Perfect For Beginners As Well)

4. How To Find A Market Willing To Pay You High-Ticket

5. Guide To Selecting Your Avatar (Niche)

6. How To Approach Clients

7. Exercises You Can Follow Today To Attract Clients Of Your Dreams!

Who is this video for? This is perfect for service providers, consultants, coaches, and other experts willing to sell their advice/knowledge online.

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