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I spent Rs 15.4 Lakhs on "Fake Gurus." Here is what happened next.

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"Rohan, I have taken so many courses in the past, but still things didn't work"

"All online courses are a scam." "They promised me ‘financial freedom’, ‘a laptop lifestyle’, and the possibility to ‘travel around the world’."

Almost everyday, my team and I get questions like such from people who have invested thousands or lakhs or rupees in online gurus and courses. In this video, I decided to share my own experience with investing in such courses. Check out this video to avoid the mistakes that I did.

Disclaimer: I honestly think a lot who I am today is because of the money and time I invested in learning from people who are further ahead than me. I have extreme respect for a few finite people in this space and would continue to invest/learn in/from them in the future.

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