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Make More Money By Working With Less Clients (Increase LTV)

Want To Attract 30-40 Freelancing, Consulting, & Coaching Clients Consistently Every Month? Apply for your FREE strategy session with our team and learn how you can become our next success story(even if you have zero experience).

Do you know 50% of your current customers produce less than 5% of your total revenue? In this video, I talk about how to increase your customer lifetime value.

Key lessons:

- Attract winners and avoid getting tangled up in the lower portion of your market

- Banish drama like a plague

- Create new things to sell and add value to current clients.

- Don't enroll everyone. Make someone sell you on them instead of you selling you to them.

- Stop putting out fires, instead focus on prevention.

- When you hear from a client and they make you feel negative, fire them.

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