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Therapist and Coach Aditi Goes From Rs 3,500 per session to Rs 1,11,000 per client

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

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UAbility Review

Therapist and Coach Aditi Goes From Rs 3,500 per session to Rs 1,11,000 per client

#UAbilitians, got another value-packed interview with Coach Aditi Nirvaan. She coaches women at career crossroads to create a product/service/creativity-based business that has an impact and makes profit.

Here is what we cover in this video -

2:10 - Who is Aditi, what does she do, and how did she get into coaching?

6:30 - Why did she decide to practice Therapy?

10:50 - Would she do what she does even if she didn't get paid for it?

11:50 - Do you need a university degree to become a coach or a therapist? If yes, what kind?

13:30 - How did she select a niche and become a specialist?

22:47 - Business and mindset advice for other Therapists and Coaches

29:24 - Should your children pursue their education online?

30:40 - Opinion regarding structure and safety

32:30 - How did she take her first step of starting a business?

34:00 - Tips for people lacking clarity in their lives - those lacking work/life balance. 44:30 - Her experience with other online courses and instructors.

48:29 - Why did she decide to work with UAbility?

52:00 - Her results after working with us (despite not completing the full program)

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Enjoy :)

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