Meet Rohan Dhawan

Consultant and founder of UAbility

Rohan Dhawan is a consultant from New Delhi, India responsible for coaching over 60,000 clients across 153 countries.

Since launching UAbility, he has helped several students get a fixed career path, employees quit their jobs, and business owners generate consistent clients.

Rohan Dhawan and his story

Hi, I'm Rohan Dhawan and I'd like to share a bit of my story with you.I was an average student who would never pay attention to whatever was going on in the classrooms. As shown in the image, my teachers would throw me out for not doing any work. In fact, they warned my parents that I wouldn't even pass 12th standard.

You see, I was never interested in what was covered by our traditional education system. I was always on the hunt for practical training that could teach me skills to succeed in life. Hence, I would dedicate hours reading books like Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and learning how to build cool products on the internet.

After graduation, I saw my peers apply for esteemed jobs and colleges. Hence, I also decided to participate in the rat race by doing a professional certification program in digital marketing. However, upon completion, I found out no company was interested in hiring me as an employee.

I finally managed to get a corporate internship where I thought I could build my future. Within a few hours of entering the office, I realised that the whole 9-5 lifestyle wasn't meant for me. But what should I do instead? That question bugged me for weeks while I continued my job. I really wanted to launch my own startup but my lack of knowledge prevented me from taking any action

Rohan Dhawan

My first venture

In 2014, I decided to take the leap of faith and launch my first business - Buzzepedia. This was the year when blogs/listicle websites were getting popular in our country. Hence, I decided to do the same by creating a website that showcases funny articles and pictures of various events happening.

Truthfully, the start was pretty slow. However, thanks to the business books I read in the past, I decided to niche down and only cater to a particular audience group. The market that I selected were students and decided to test the hypothesis by publishing a post called "top 10 party colleges in India."

24 hours after publishing that article, I got a call from an unknown number. Turns out that it was my hosting company explaining that my website had crashed because we received over 50,000 visitors within one day. This was more than my servers could handle and you can see the image of the same.

Even though the response was fantastic, I lacked a systematic method to monetise my website. I had ads on the website, but they were barely paying me to make any substantial living and call myself a successful entrepreneur.

Rohan Dhawan

Getting started as a digital expert...

My first venture was not a success as I was unable to prove a viable business model that could be profitable. Hence, I decided to give up and go back to the traditional path that I had abandoned. While searching for jobs, I spent my free time publishing lessons I learned from launching Buzzepedia on social media (I loved sharing free valuable content). Truthfully, I did it for fun and never expected anything in return.

One day I receive an email from somebody named Vijay from the USA asking if I could help him grow his eCommerce store by working as a freelance consultant. After reading that email the first thing that popped into my brain was, "why would somebody want to hire a 20 something-year-old kid from India for their esteemed business?" Regardless, I Googled the average price a digital consultant charges and replied to him without any hope for a reply.

A few hours later, I see a new email from Vijay. I was dreading opening it as I feared being disappointed again. But what happened next changed the entire trajectory of my life. The email contained a paid invoice of $750 for 15-days worth of work (see image below). I was astonished to see my first payment and couldn't control my level of happiness.

Rohan Dhawan
I relentlessly served Vijay for the next few months while enhancing my skills. This experience allowed me to sign esteemed companies generating millions of dollars in sales at prices above $3,900 per client every month. My dreams had finally turned into reality as I was working remotely and travelling to countries across the globe. By the time I was 22, I had generated Rs 1 Crore in sales as a digital consultant.

UAbility Elite™ Training Program

After seeing my mini-success, a few friends from home who were in the same industry began asking me regarding how I did what I did. I analysed the environment of the Indian market as an observer (third-person view). This made me realise the following facts -

  • India is the second-largest user base of internet users.
  • There is a rise in online spending by consumers
  • There is a growing demand for consultants and freelancers.

After summarising the three points above, I had an epiphany that people and business owners will actively need help connecting with their ideal customers online. I also learned that -

  • Everyday people needed a fixed path to become entrepreneurs and escape their 9-5 job routine.
  • There was no method to showcase value and demand high-ticket prices.
  • Consultants in India were undervalued as compared to those in western countries.

The factors given above made me consider launching UAbility. Our mission since day one with the company is to make India a place with skilled individuals who can demand premium prices internationally without being just another “outsourcing agent.” Since launching, we have produced more success stories than any other traditional program.

The future goals of the company include obsessing over our clients while investing in activities that will fulfil their needs better than any other solution. Online education market and consulting industry are expected to grow at a substantial rate in the sub-continent. Hence, we are excited about what lies ahead for the company. We are grateful to those who have believed in this vision since the early days and will continue to do so as we reach pinnacles of success.

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Rohan Dhawan