How Saurabh Grew His Digital Marketing Agency From Rs 50k/Month To Over Rs 5 Lakhs/Month

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Niche: Digital Marketing for Education Institutes & eCommerce Stores.

Saurabh was running an agency in Gurgaon, Haryana that didn't go as planned. As a result he had to shut down operations and get a job at a startup. He wanted to get back into business and used our help to get started again.

Here is what we cover in this video -

1. Where Saurabh was before joining UAbility

2. How to approach international clients for digital marketing services.

3. Importance of value/benefit over features. Guide to differentiating your agency.

4. Why you should select a niche (save fixed costs & demand premium prices).

5. Closing deals effectively (without sending email proposals or meeting clients face-to-face).

6. How to succeed online even if you don't have a prestigious college degree.

7. How to stay consistent by working on your mindset.

8. Attracting clients (even if you don't have budget for ads).