UAbility Reviews

At UAbility, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Therefore, we ensure our clients get high-quality trackable results after implementing our methods. Below are a few reviews of talented entrepreneurs who we had the opportunity of working with.

John Shea

 Methuen, Massachusetts based entrepreneur needed a strategy to charge premium prices for his coaching. He was done selling his coaching for cheap and needed a way to make more by serving fewer clients. After implementing our advice, John generated 3 high-ticket consulting gigs after 24 hours.

Megan Kamei

Megan Kamei is an online consultant who was struggling to generate consistent, predictable, and reliable appointments for her business. She needed a proven method to generate leads from Facebook and turn them into potential clients. Our team took away the pain of funnels and marketing from her shoulders while giving her the freedom to concentrate on other important things in her life/business.


Linh Trinh (One Percent)

The One Percent, a company that coaches personal trainers regarding how to build a sustainable business online. They are on track to sign 500 trainers across the globe. Rohan worked with the firm as their marketing officer while handing multiple 6-figures in ad spend.


Christian Tharp (AMTG)

Christian Tharp is a reputed coach at AMTG, a well-known stock trading consulting firm. The company is responsible for teaching thousands of students how to trade effectively and has been featured on shows like The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Rohan helped the company generate consistent and predictable sales for their coaching using a live webinar as the conversion mechanism.

Scott Brown

Dr Brown is an esteemed instructor on Udemy with over 26,000 students on the platform. He was struggling to take his courses off the platform and get sales using a trusted channel. Rohan helped him set up his Facebook ads in a manner that delivered traffic for pennies and allowed him to scale his business exponentially. 

Elon Bomani

Elon Bomani is the founder of The Pajama Momma who was looking for guidance regarding her Facebook ads for her brand new eCommerce store. According to her, "everything was done /taught very concisely 'step-by-step' over the shoulder that helped me grow."


Lenny Ramirez

"Successful people DON’T work alone! Here’s my secret EXPOSED: Rohan is a true NINJA when it comes to Facebook strategies and traffic and I have been simply blessed to have crossed paths with this GENIUS. I been learning NONSTOP since I found his content and applying as fast as I can his expertise and fresh off the oven insights. Already been ripping incredible results but for me it is NOT just the money but the networking (yes he’ll answer any question for you too!) and CONFIDENCE to know that I have someone on the trenches like me always sharing pure gold. When you trust the process and do it with good intentions the money follows! When he is selling, I’m buying. Period and enough said!"


Apollo Butler

This was an amazing learning experience and worth every f**king dime!! Rohan really explains how Facebook ads work and really gives you exactly what you need to take your online business to another level.


Daniel Scarpato

Rohan is one of the best instructors, not only on Udemy, but on the web. If you're serious about becoming an entrepreneur, I not only suggest that you take this class, but also all of his other classes and join his facebook group. He is very active and answers all my questions, and even goes as far to skype with you when you are stuck.

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