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How Can   We Help   You?

Select your monthly income group

0 - ₹40,000
₹40,000 - ₹1,00,000
₹1,00,000 - ₹2,50,000
₹2,50,000 - ₹10,00,000
₹10,00,000 +

Beginner Level

Profit: 0 - ₹40,000/month

Primary objective: Achieving product/market fit by identifying the market you wish to serve and validating if there is sufficient demand for your advice or services.

Secondary objective: Developing confidence and conviction in yourself to become a successful consultant.

Team: Only you.

Model: Done-for-you.

Marketing channel: Outbound and earned traffic.

Your BIGGEST need: The Marketplace already exists (it’s not the market’s fault). However, why will they buy from you and how will you be different from the rest of the crowd?

The key questions: Who do I serve? What problems do I solve? What’s my value proposition? How will I present my offer?

Your internal struggles: Imposter syndrome — what if I can’t deliver? Lack of confidence — what will other people think? Perfectionism leading to procrastination — maybe I should make a website before launching? Investing in tools you don’t need — I should buy this cause my mentor said so?

Advantage at this stage: Personal touch and done-for-you services.


1. Increase Your Prices & Enjoy More Profits


of Leads

Lead to Client Conversion %



Support Queries




& reviews

Get 10,000 leads

(so many)

Convert 100 clients

@ 1% Conversion Rate


100 x Rs 5,000

= Rs 5,00,000

Get 80 support queries

Hire a lot of staff for fulfilment…


Dissatisfied customers & refunds

Get 200 leads

(very easy)

Convert 2 client

@ 1% Conversion Rate

2 x Rs 2,50,000

= Rs 5,00,000

1-2 support queries

No staff (or maybe one)…

70% + profit margins

Personalised support & happy customers

If you’re good at what you do, there should be no reason why you should be entertaining complexity like demonstrated in Table above. Never underprice your valuable advice or services by packaging what you’re doing into an effective offer. We help you assemble such an offer capable of generating multiple Crores while doing less work. This is done by refining your marketing message so that your clients have absolute clarity regarding how you can help them. Our clients often see their return on investment just after signing a couple of clients in their initial weeks of working with us.


2. Acquire Leads & Clients Whenever You Want

The Problem

Most entrepreneurs struggling to scale their business exponentially, because:


No acquisition system — Entrepreneurs often rely on “hope” regarding where their next client will come from. They don’t have a proven system to attract new demand. They depend only on their existing clients or network and the referrals they can provide. The challenge appears when these connections begin exhausting.


Complexity — Most coaches are business model obsessed and build layers of courses and funnels without ever validating a single one. It’s already difficult to manage 1 product or funnel, forget four. They build a conga-line of upsells and create marketing systems that require them to go live every week. Problem with this is that the entrepreneur ends up always working in their business and becomes a slave. They begin with the aim of realising freedom and end up getting trapped by their own creation.


High-commission platforms — Entrepreneurs often find third-party platforms that can promote their services or provide them leads. Problem? There are thousands if not millions of other vendors like yourself to whom the same lead gets distributed to. As a result, the client ends up comparing all services being offered like vegetable prices. This is the reason why there is so much negotiation on these platforms. On top of all this, such platforms charge a huge commission to fulfil their promise.


Influencer Mode — Often consultants would focus on posting on social media, going live, writing blogs, creating podcasts, developing fancy websites, and everything that is not related to getting clients. Sure, they do end up getting a few likes, but what about income?

Fact — You don’t need none of the above.

The Solution

We help you acquire clients in two steady ways:



Outbound is a proven marketing strategy responsible for the growth of billion dollar giant firms like SalesForce. The benefit of using the same is that it’s absolutely free and helps you get proof of concept about your service or product fast. These strategies include finding your prospects online, contacting them, getting them on a phone, and closing them. 



Imagine having one core piece of content that is capable of generating HNI leads even when you’re sleeping? We call this system the Low-Fidelity MVP funnel which is similar to the one that you went through (our webinar). This system will filter out disqualified prospects and produce esteemed clients that value you. It’s like having a machine that will educate your prospects, build rapport, and qualify on your behalf 24/7/365. Our Inbound funnel consistently produces 4-7x returns for us.


3. Learn the New Model of Selling

Imagine having the ability to get a prospect to self-commit to your service and pay you a premium price on the phone without using any high-pressure sales tactics, scarcity, timers etc? We have developed a new framework for selling known as the SLOSHED framework which will allow you to sleep better at night.

Setting the Frame
Label the Situation
Overview the Pain
Sell the lottery
Help them de-objectify
Enforce decision
Demystify the price

Let’s say you get 100 leads a month and you close 10 of them at Rs 5,00,000 each making it Rs 50,00,000. The current conversion rate is 10%. By improving your sales skills or training your team, if you get your conversion rate to 20%, that’s an additional Rs 50,00,000 in sales. This means you can double your business just by improving one pillar through our framework.

Tested on 2,500 calls

personally before teaching it to students that have implemented this framework over uncountable calls.

25-50% close rate

delivered on highest-ticket clients effectively by us using the SLOSHED Framework 

Our evolved sales process would allow you or your sales team to build deep trust with prospects and allow them to make a decision that’s best for them. As a result, making your sales process consistent, predictable, rewarding, and reliable.


The areas we focus on include — tonality, script, communication skills, typing skills, listening ability, payment processing, and daily cadences and most importantly, Master the art of asking skilled questions and making proficient statements that work with human behaviour rather than against it through the SLOSHED framework. Revolutionize the way selling is done and fall in love with it.

4. Deliver, Systemize & Scale

After working with thousands of clients across the globe, we have noticed that entrepreneurs really face three core challenges when trying to grow:

Scaling too early or fast  this is a mistake often made by newbie entrepreneurs that try to scale by creating online courses without identifying product/market fit (without validation if there is sufficient demand for the offer presented). As a result of this, when they launch their campaigns and programs, they realise that their students aren’t getting great results. In consequence, their ads begin bombing and students either stop responding or ask for refunds. Most entrepreneurs resort to providing discounts as a solution to this problem which is not the correct thing to do.


Not scaling at all — Agencies and corporations that hire too early get stuck in a vicious cycle which disallows them to scale their business. They often rent an office, hire employees, and create a brand name with the hope that this will impress the clients. However, that doesn’t work in their favour and they end up over-burdening themselves by signing several low-ticket projects while operating at limited net profit margins. Why? Because for every new unit of client you add to your portfolio, your cost goes higher and the delivery experience of the client goes down. 


Lack of a solid product or service — Most entrepreneurs are obsessed about marketing, but do not spend enough time improving their product to be #1. As a result, they lack the conviction in what they’re offering and end up discounting the same. If your product is not creating an impact where people are getting consistent results every single day, instead, asking for refunds or leaving, then something is broken. You don’t need more clients, you need a better delivery mechanism.

We at UAbility help you streamline your delivery processes by creating delivery systems rock-solid to help you scale to your desired income. All the way from tools to hiring, we show you how to gain leverage and time freedom in your business while attaining WARP speed growth.


5. Peace, Passion, and Focus

Most entrepreneurs end up creating businesses that become time-sucking monsters. As a result, they end up operating like a high-paying employee within their business and lose their drive to keep moving forward. For example - if they have to take a vacation for a week with their loved ones, they cannot because they have a live webinar to do, a meeting to attend, or project to bid on else the vacation can’t be paid for. 

Our mindset training is designed to help you find peace, regain your passion for your business, and develop laser-sharp focus to hit your goals with ease. Below is a summary of the three areas of mindset —


How to start and grow your business to ₹1 Cr while attracting consistent, predictable, and reliable high-ticket clients.

How to scale your business to ₹10cr and beyond fast profitably with less complexity.

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