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UAbility teaches practical skills to help everyday people become self-independent consultants with the necessary problem-solving abilities to demand premium prices.

Battle-Tested Results

Our program isn't designed to merely provide you with a certification. We focus on teaching world-class education that results in overall business transformation. Scroll down to see UAbility reviews.


Tanay Mandowara

Key Result: Reached his top revenue goal of Rs 10 Lakhs per month with his online business in India.

Duration: A couple of months after joining the program.

Background: Rajasthan based entrepreneur with great ambitions.

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Diptopal Bhattacharya

Key Result: 19-year old student signs 2 international clients & 1 Indian client.

Duration: 5-weeks after joining the program.

Background: Dipto is a Kolkata based college undergraduate who was confused regarding his career options.


Pulkit Rawal

Key Result: From Rs 30,000/month job to Rs 1.9 lakhs/month with consulting business.

Duration: 5-weeks after joining the program.

Background: Pulkit is a Delhi-based consultant who joined UAbility to work remotely and avoid his 9-5 corporate lifestyle.

UAbility Reviews

Divyang Tyagi

Key Result: Gained the ability to charge premium prices and scaled to Rs 1 lakh/month.

Duration: 5-weeks after joining the program.

Background: Divyang is a Delhi based agency owner who was trying to serve everyone and had no clue how to stand out from the crowd.

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