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Job Openings

Client Success Representative

Remote (Work from Home)

About this role


Years of Experience: 3-5 years.


The purpose of this role is to manage and support client accounts to ensure long-term client retention and success


NOTE: This position is full-time and virtual, meaning you can work from anywhere




To ensure clients:

  • Have speed in support so they can achieve said result (under 24 hour response time)

  • Have depth (quality) in support so they can achieve said result (happiness score → 100%)

  • Retain and ascend (30% KPI)


This is for you if...


- You have marketing or sales experience within the online info/coaching space

- You have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the online coaching industry and digital marketing.

- You find fulfilment in supporting others in obtaining their goals

- You enjoy developing meaningful relationships

- You are results-oriented

- You actively look to improve, personally and professionally through books, courses, etc

- You want to be held to high standards and be challenged in your work

- You have a laptop

- Lastly and most importantly, you’re hungry and coachable. You understand that to be the best, you have to work hard for it and learn from others who are further ahead than you.




At UAbility, we want people who are amazing culture fits over anything else. We have found that some of our best team members have had little experience and/or college degrees relative to their role, but were extremely hungry, coachable, and driven to be the best.


So if that’s you, feel free to go ahead and apply at the bottom of this page!


DISQUALIFIERS: Please DO NOT apply to this position if you:


- Have less than 3 years of experience in the online consulting industry/digital marketing

- Want a position for flexibility and travel freedom ONLY

- Aren’t willing to work 50-60 hrs/week if needed

- Have no interest in continuing to train and improve your skills

- Can’t take criticism or feedback




Base plus commission. This position has the opportunity to yield over 1L/month on-track earnings if KPI’s are met.


Cool stuff you'll get


*Work from anywhere in the world with a flexible schedule


*Generous salary + bonuses and commissions


*Growth potential into higher paying roles


*World class training and education provided


*Direct experience from the founder of a fast growing startup


Our number one goal at UAbility is customer experience making your training and education our top priority. At UAbility we hire people to work with us for 5-10 years plus. Our main focus is coaching our team members and helping them grow in the company to become more valuable long-term assets. We are not looking for short-term players. We are remote.


You will be looked after and become part of our online family. There is also potential for large amounts of career growth. We are constantly promoting and hiring within!

Growth Consultant


Note: This isn't any “business opportunity” that require payments or recruitment of others or that resemble franchises, multi-level marketing, club memberships, or distributorships. You don't need to pay anything to start for this position.


Job Description


Do you (or somebody you) know want to join our team as a Growth Consultant?


This role is 100% virtual and you can work from anywhere in the country with a flexible schedule -- all you need is a laptop and an Internet connection!


We're looking for a "unicorn" -- the best of the best.


Someone who lives, breathes, eats, sleeps and dreams sales and the consultative selling process.


You'll be speaking with some of the sharpest entrepreneurs in the country on the phone or Zoom, diagnosing their business problems and providing suggestions to scale, and if it’s the right fit -- enrolling them into our UAbility Elite™ program, that’s designed to launch and scale online consulting businesses to 1Cr/year or more.


Who you are


We're looking for a sales rep with a proven track record of closing deals. You should have:

#1. You are hungry (can't wait years for a promotion) and comfortable working on commissions only.

#2. Experience selling on the phone, or in person is great, but not mandatory. You have not just been on a sales team, you have consistently closed deals and been right at the top of your leaderboard.

#3. Experience with higher ticket service offerings and the consultative selling style (appreciated).

#4. A hungry and highly coachable personality, who prefers to follow a proven process for success.

#5. Desires to be part of a sales culture based off mutual respect, personal responsibility, and celebrating your teammates’ success, as well as your own.

#6. Outstanding at identifying their own errors, self-correcting them, and doesn’t require consistent sales coaching to produce exceptional results.

#7. Excellent independent self starter who can collaborate with our sales manager to improve upon our internal processes.

#8. You are here for the long-run. Don't apply if you're looking for a temporary job change.

Bonus: Closed over INR 1Cr+ in revenue in your career thus far.


Cool stuff you'll get


#1. Competitive commission-based compensation that reflects your skill level and expertise.

#2. Incredible location freedom to be able to work remotely.

#3. Ability to attend our UAbility Mastermind live events, which are unaffordable for most people.

#4. No lead generation, cold calling, or appointment setting required! We provide hot, pre-qualified appointments right into your calendar.

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