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How did Diptopal go from zero revenue to Rs.1,00,000/month at the age of 21?

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

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UAbility Review

How did Diptopal go from zero revenue to Rs.1,00,000/ Month at the age of 21?

Niche — Helping ecommerce businesses increase their online revenue through digital marketing.

Here is what we cover in this interview :

1. Since he was one of the initial clients of UAbility how has his experience been so far?

2. What was the difference between an online course he did in 2018 and UAbility Program ?

3.What made you decide to invest and join UAbility at the age of 19?

4. How did you convince your parents to help you with the funds?

5. How was his journey when he started with UAbility?

6. How was he able to transition from someone who provided free trial to someone who closed his first high ticket client?

7. How did he stay persistent when prospects would reject his offer initially and he felt demotivated?

8. How did he end up choosing ecommerce as his niche when he started with realtors?

9. How did he shapern his marketing offer to convince more clients? What was the process behind his hypothesis?

10. What platform or strategy worked the best for him to get clients organically?

11. How does his family react to what he does as a freelancer?

12. What advice would he give to the old Diptopal who was starting back in time at 18?

13. What tips would he give to people trying to find the right mentor?

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