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I spent Rs 1,16,26,544.03 on Facebook and Instagram ads. Here are my top 5 lessons.

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I spent Rs 1,16,26,544.03 on Facebook and Instagram ads. Here are my top 5 lessons.

#UAbilitians, what's up? In this video, I will be sharing my top 5 lessons that I learned from paying over 1cr to Mr Zuckerberg. Hopefully after watching this video, you can avoid some of the mistakes that I made and generate a lot of profits.

Hi, my name is Rohan Dhawan and I am the founder and CEO of UAbility - also known as India's most honest marketer. We help digital entrepreneurs like yourself get premium clients across the globe. Why? "Because I believe talent shouldn't have borders." So far we have helped hundreds of clients while helping many reach crores in sales. I make these videos to transparently document some of the lessons I learn throughout my journey of growing my own PLUS my clients businesses for free so that you gain value and hopefully decide to work with us someday.

Steps covered in this video —

Step One — Write better ads and do what everybody is not doing.

Step Two — Allocate 10% of your budget weekly to testing new things.

Step Three — Analyse the performance of your weekly tests, pool all the positive insights together, and refresh your marketing once a year with those new insights that compounded over time.

Step Four — Increase the size of your audience by entering a broader market or find out another channel like Youtube ads to get results.

Step Five — Track and optimise your ads around the correct data. Don’t just rely upon what you see on Facebook.

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