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My Plan To Make Rs 1,000 Crores (5 Business Growth Stages)

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In this video, I talk about 5 stages to grow your business. Here is what I cover:

1. Stage 1 - Become skilful cause that’s you suck at initially so you need to put in a lot of reps to learn sales, marketing or any skill that’ll make you rich. If you wish to become an entrepreneur you’ll need to learn them all cause you need to. If you close and wanna make money fast, learn sales, product development etc. How do you get good? Put 100 reps daily and by day 30 you’ll start noticing the difference (0:11)

2. Stage 2 - Overcome limiting beliefs - you need to become good at overcoming your limiting beliefs. People in India don’t pay high ticket, for me only email marketing works, I’m going through a rut. You need to constantly watch your language. Again the thing about being a business owner is you gotta overcome all these limiting beliefs not just for yourself but folks under you and your clients. Here you’re constantly watching your language as what you say can not just impact you but others around your vision (1:59)

3. Stage 3 - management - the next stage is learning the next skill. The art of getting things done through other people and ensuring they’re on pace to hit target. Imagine you were getting punched once before and you learned how to tackle one enemy. Now you’ll have 100 punches thrown at you every minute and you gotta ensure the entire army is maintaining momentum against the opponents. How do you get good at managing? Law of 100 units daily applies here too (4:28)

4. Stage 4 - leadership - cool you now have a team big enough who are extended arms. However, you now need to cultivate leaders who can March the army to the finish line even without you following them at every battle. This is where you find CEOs, CMOS and other leaders who take command of various divisions with one direct report of the entire company’s health coming to you (6:22)

5.Stage 5 - Shareholder - where you find the ultimate leader who will take charge of your empire. Bill gates with Satya. Google folks with Sundar etc. You’re now a shareholder of your company where you only participate in higher level decisions with votes with the board for what’s best / next (7:22)

Hi, my name is Rohan Dhawan and I am the founder and CEO of UAbility - also known as India's most honest marketer. We help digital entrepreneurs like yourself get premium clients across the globe. Why? "Because I believe talent shouldn't have borders." So far we have helped hundreds of clients while helping many reach crores in sales. I make these videos to transparently document some of the lessons I learn throughout my journey of growing my own PLUS my clients businesses for free so that you gain value and hopefully decide to work with us someday.

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