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How Business Consultant Abid closed 3 high ticket clients in a day & achieved Rs.4,00,000/mo

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How Business Consultant Abid was able to close 3 high ticket clients in a day & achieved Rs.4,00,000/month after joining UAbility

Niche — Helping Online Health and Fitness Trainers To Get High Paying Clients on Demand

Here is what we cover in this interview:

1. Who is Abid and how did he get into the fitness & business consulting industry ?

2. What is the difference between an offline business and a digital business?

3. How did abid leave his previous company where he was a director to start his own consulting business?

4. How did abid develop a mindset to invest into learning to start a business despite being a director in the previous company ?

5. Why did he decide to learn the required skills and not hire someone else to do it?

6. What was the journey like after he joined UAbility?

7. How did he close 3 clients in a day generating a revenue of Rs.1.5 lakhs?

8. How was Abid able to achieve Rs.4,00,000 a month through his online consulting?

9. According to Abid, Which platform worked the best organically ?

10. What advice would he give to the old Abid who was starting back in time?

10. What would he like to say to people who are confused about joining UAbility??

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