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How Sunny Shifted His Business Online & Achieved Rs 1.4L/Month As A Nutrition Expert

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

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How Sunny Shifted His Business Online & Achieved Rs 1.4L/Month As A Nutrition Expert #personaltrainingindia #nutritionindia #coachingindia

Meet Sunny Gupta from Pune, Maharashtra.

His income took a big hit when the gyms got shut down around 3-4 months ago.

You can't always control the circumstances. But you can control your actions.

That's what Sunny did. Because when the gym he used to work at closed during lockdown, he wasn't going to just quit. He worked with us and made the SHIFT to the “online personal training model.”

He used our strategies to achieve Rs 1.4L his first month online in June (without meeting anyone face-to-face). Moving forward to July, within the first two days, he already made Rs 60,000. We can easily see him do over Rs 5L/month in no time. Please keep in mind - the average income of a PT in India is Rs 25k/month.

Here is what we cover in this video

1. Who is Sunny and how did he get into Fitness?

2. The problems with Gyms in India and how that effects personal trainers (and their income).

3. Why did he decide to transition online and what mistakes did he make initially before working with us?

4. Mistakes personal trainers make when approaching clients (offline and online).

5. Why most coaches are unable to retain clients and the importance of human psychology to create ever-lasting results for clients.

6. How did Sunny came across UAbility and why did he decide to work with us?

7. Why did he pick high-ticket sales over doing webinars?

8. Why learning how to market and sell yourself as a coach is as important as lifting weights?

9. What ONE thing attracted Sunny towards joining our program?

10. What made Sunny the happiest when going through the training and what results has he achieved thus far?

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