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How filmmaker and photographer Vaibhav closed his first premium client in less than 1 month

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

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UAbility Review

How Filmmaker Vaibhav found his unique niche of HIPHOP Artists & closed first client for Rs.35,000

Niche — helping hip-hop artists envision and create music videos with a unique storyline, concept, and skillset which separates them from the crowd and makes them shine in their own light.

Here is what we cover in this interview:

1. Who is Vaibhav and what is his background like?

2. How did Vaibhav get into the Photography & Video production Industry ?

3. Why did he decide to choose the HIP-HOP artists niche for his company “why not”?

4. What were the challenges he faced before joining UAbility ?

5.What exactly in the domain of sales and marketing did he need help with?

6. According to Vaibhav , do other video artists face similar problems of setting the right expectations at the time of delivering to the clients?

7. How did Vaibhav come across uability? What was the process like?

8. What was the process of him signing his first high ticket client?

9. Considering the Pandemic Situation, how did he make the mindset & arrange the funds to invest in our program ?

10. How did UAbility help him close his first high ticket client?

12. What kind of mindset changes was he able to make during the Program that has helped him?

13. What advice would he give to the old Vaibhav who was starting back in time ?

14. What would he like to say to people who are confused about joining UAbility?

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